Press conference
10 / SP / IKAPI-KLIBF / IV / 2018

Kuala Lumpur – The Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018) which took place at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) continued to be enlivened by visitors.
Mizan Publisher presents a young writer who enlivened KLIBF 2018 on Sunday (04/30/2018). Fayanna Ailisha Davianny (13 years) is one of the “Little-Little Punya Karya” young writers who has written 42 books since the age of 7. Fayanna gives some tips for students who want to become writers in making books, namely: “must be consistent, not interfere with school schedules, not be able to play gadgets every time and keep reading.”
Fayanna’s love for books begins with the habits of her parents who like to read books. Fayanna is often read by her parents from the age of one. Fayanna won in various writing competitions to meet with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.
On this day too, 3 books by Indonesian writers get the category in Anuegerah Book 2018 namely “Rain of June” by Sapardi Djoko Darmono, “Dilan” by Pidi Baiq and “The Dreamer” by Andrea Hirata. Awards were given by the Chairperson of the Buku Negara Development Foundation at Seri Pasific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
KLIBF runs from April 27 to May 6 2018 at the Putra World Trade Center. This year Indonesia is present as a guest country together with Saudi Arabia and Kedah. This presence is fully supported by the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), and the Republic of Indonesia Embassy (KBRI) in Kuala Lumpur. At KLIBF there will also be the Kuala Lumpur Trade and Copyright Center (KLTCC), Writers’ Conference and Malaysia’s Digital Lifestyle Exhibition. *

Kuala Lumpur (30/4/2018) – “As a Guest Country” at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair, Ikapi wants to take this opportunity to bring the Indonesian publishing industry to continue to grow in the Malaysian market. This is evidenced by the large number of Indonesian books circulating in the Malaysian market, especially the booths at Pesta Buku, business meetings with resellers and publishers that have always been there since the Party Book was opened.

Today, an achievement has been carved out because there has been a sale of copyright translations to several loggers in Malaysia. Among them:

1. Publisher re: ON Comics with Kadokawa Gempak Starz
1. Population Zero, Author: Kristedy Rinto and Erde.
2. Grandpa is Here, Author: Nan Nan,
3. Shivers vol 1, Author: Andik Prayogo et al.
4. Shivers vol 2, Author: Andik Prayogo etc.
5. Shivers vol.3, Author: Andik Prayogo et al.

2. Publishers of Zikrul Bestari and Kiddibird Sdn Bhd for the title “Veri the Ship of the Sea” from the Transportation series, written by Husna Nulfia and Komarudin.

In addition to the sale of copyright translations, there is also the Co-Publishing collaboration, namely:

1. Publisher Zikrul Bestari with PTE LTD National Library from Singapore for the title of the series “Veri the Sea Boat Exploring Asia” by Husna Nulfia and Komarudin.
2. Torch Library Foundation with ITBM (Malaysia Book Translation Institute) for the book Harimau-Harimau written by Muchtar Lubis.


Kuala Lumpur (30/4/2018) —Stan of the Indonesian Pavilion besides enlivened the talk show and meet and greet the author, also presented the “Learning Batik” program with the speaker Pak Andik from the Kuala Lumpur Indonesian School who told the history of Batik and Indonesian Batik types.

Kuala Lumpur (04/30/2018) —Visiting elementary school students from the Kuala Lumpur Indonesian School to attend a meet and greet with Fayanna Ailisha Davianny discussed her ideals, hobbies, and love for books and received a rousing welcome at the Indonesian Pavilion.