Benefits of Becoming a IKAPI Member

Why become a member of IKAPI?

IKAPI’s challenge to meet the needs of its members from time to time continuously increasing. Today there are many publishers established, but a lot of them are not interested to join IKAPI. Of course this is not something that is prohibited, particularly after the reform era that protected everyone’s rights of opinion and the right to decide whether or not to join a certain institution/organization or not.

However, it can be seen that IKAPI has its own history of professionalism and experience as a publisher, not just as a bookseller. IKAPI has set itself as a professional publishing organization, which is why the efforts of enhancing professionalism have been built since the beginning.

Benefits of becoming a member of IKAPI are as follow:

  1. IKAPI member publisher would receive literacy professionalism development through IKAPI’s various events, such as seminars, workshops and trainings.
  2. IKAPI member publisher would receive protection in terms of book publishing business codes of ethics and advocacy to problems related to literacy.
  3. IKAPI member publisher would receive information about the government’s various policies in relation to literacy, government book provision projects, as well as national and international events in the field of literacy.
  4. IKAPI member publisher would receive the benefit of networking among publishers, enabling collaborations in the form of co-publishing or other symbiotic forms of collaboration.
  5. IKAPI member publisher would be recognized as a profession organization member enabling it to be in contact with other profession or business organizations, whether in the field of literacy as well as in other fields. 

Those are some of the benefits of becoming a member of IKAPI. Of course there are other essential points in relation to today’s community era in how IKAPI member publisher could gather for the same interest, which is to create national literacy industry advancement. This would enable IKAPI members to quickly gain information about issues related to Indonesian or global book publishing.

The Statutes/Bylaws are the basis of operational foundations in an organization; where it carries more than regulation, but it also carries the vision, mission and the organization structure complete with the function of each division. As a professional organization, IKAPI comes with a comprehensive regulation concerning every activity of the organization.



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