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Ikapi Store is an online store that facilitates Ikapi’s book publisher members as well as a means of today’s trading system. Ikapi store provides books needed by schools, villages, public reading places, and the general public while paving the way for the development of Indonesian literacy. Ikapi Store’s online system has served the need of every part of the society in obtaining affordable quality books.

Ikapi directly manage Ikapi store. This online store uses a proven system, which has passed the National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP) of the Kemendikbud. The packet and price of the “Kurikulum 13” school books have been set according to the level, class and school zone, enabling easy booking and avoiding booking errors.

Ikapi Store’s transaction procedures follow the prerequisite of goods procurement by using the School Operational Assistance Fund (BOS), in which the payment is done when the books has reached the destination and well-received according to booking details. Books in Ikapi Store are ready stock, so Ikapi ensures delivery within 10 working days. Documents for Accountability letters are available online and ready to be downloaded, and it is reported to the Kemendikbud regularly.


Ikatan Penerbit Indonesia

Indonesia Publisher Association


Gedung Ikapi,
Jalan Kalipasir, No. 32, Cikini,
Jakarta Pusat, 10340