Becoming a Member of IKAPI

Procedures to become a member of IKAPI, Why be a member of IKAPI

IKAPI continues to open itself to publishers who are willing to become a member. This aspect is regulated in the bylaws of IKAPI.
Below are the prerequisites in becoming a member of IKAPI, in which one of them is about the assurance of publishers to have a formal business and legal entity. In regards to the question whether or not self-publishers run by writers could become a member of IKAPI, the answer is yes, providing those self-publishers also have their own business or legal entity.


The Prerequisites of IKAPI membership, according to IKAPI’s by laws


  1. A regular member is a national business/publisher institution, private or state-own, which could provide the prerequisites as follow:
  2. Established in the form of a legal entity, which has been passed according to Notary Deed or related government institutions.
  3. Has obtained a business permit from authorized government institutions.
  4. Clearly include publishing business or activity within the company’s business permit/Articles of Association.
  5. Has a permanent and clear office address and has at least 3 (three) permanent staff.
  6. Already published at least 3 (three) ISBN-books in which each book should at least contain 48(forty eight) pages and are sold in the markets.

A special member is a national publishing institution/business where its management or activities are conducted by government institutions or education/public institution, which has the prerequisites as follow:


  1. It has obtained the decree from the head of the educational/public institution that passed the establishment of the publishing institution in its environment.
  2. It has published at least three ISBN-books in which each book consists of 48 (forty eight) pages.
  3. It has a permanent and clear address

An honorary member is a person or institution (government, private or NGO), which has served IKAPI and/or the Indonesian literacy world, decreed by the National Assembly.


1.    The request to become a regular member and special member is proposed by member candidate to the Regional Organizer/Representatives in the domicile of the related candidate. If a certain region does not have a Regional Organizer/Representatives, the request is proposed directly to the Central Committee. The membership card would be issued by the Central Committee as a sign of acceptance and decree of the membership.

2.    The request to become a regular member and a special member should be written by member candidate in a proposal and by filling the membership registration form, completed with attachments such as:

a. A copy of the Notary Deed for regular member and the decree of government/private institution and related educational/public institution for special member.
b. A copy of a business-permit (exceptionally for special members).
c. A domicile information letter
d. 2 (two) exemplars each of the minimum of three book titles, which have been published for regular member and special member.

3.    Upon receiving the proposal, along with the membership registration form and required attachments, the Regional Committee/Representatives would monitor and conduct its research on the member candidate, in relation to its formal prerequisites, about the history of the company, its human resource and the activity of the related publishing company. Should the Regional Committee/Representative is not available in a certain region, then monitoring and research would be conducted by the Central Committee or the nearest Regional Committee/Representatives.

4.    Based on the research and monitoring findings, the Regional Committee/Representatives would deliver its opinion and recommendation to the Central Committee, regarding the status of the member candidate in the period of no later than 1(one) month upon the delivery of the proposal from the member candidate/publisher.

5.    Based on the opinion and recommendation of the Regional Committee/Representatives, the Central Committee would make a written decree to the Regional Committee/Representatives and deliver a copy to the related member candidate, no later than 2 (two) weeks after the Central Committee received the (recommendation) letter from the Regional Committee/Representatives.

6.    If the Regional Committee/Representatives were unavailable in a certain region, the Central Committee’s decree would be delivered directly to related member candidate/publisher.

  1. Membership would be applicable for 2 (two) years and could be extended providing member’s adherent to the prerequisites and provisions written in article 7.

2. A member who has extended its membership as mentioned in verse 1 has the right to obtain a membership card applicable for the next 2 (two) years.


A. New Member :

1. Fill out the statement letter form accompanied by the issuer stamp by showing proof of the legality of the issuer or the responsible institution (notary deed);

2. Make a letter of application on behalf of the publisher (stamped) for the book to be published.

3. Send photocopies :

      1. a. Title page
        b. Page of copyright
        c. Table of contents
        d. Foreword


B. Old Member :
Hanya butir 2 dan 3 saja yang perlu dikirimkan kepada Tim ISBN/KDT.
Setelah buku diterbitkan, dimohon kesediaan penerbit untuk mengirimkan 2 (dua) eksemplar dari hasil terbitan tersebut.

Note the requirements in Item A.1 that the issuer or institution that publishes books is required to have the legality of a business entity or legal entity with proof of photocopy of the deed of notaries. In this case, self-publishers who are not business entities or legal entities unable to arrange ISBNs.

Another thing that needs to be prepared is a copy of the book’s prelims page, which is the full title page, copyright page, table of contents page, and introductory page with the introduction page. The importance of this page is to compile a catalog in issue (KDT) which sometimes also requires book specification information, namely book size and book thickness. In addition, publishers also need to inform the number of publications each year so that the National Library of Indonesia can consider giving a long ISBN number in the order of book production.



Dengan surat pernyataan ini kami :

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Menyatakan bersedia ikut mengambil bagian dalam system ISBN dan KDT (Katalog Dalam Terbitan) .

Demikian agar badan yang bertanggung jawab menangani masalah ini menjadi maklum.

Surat pernyataan ini kami sampaikan kepada Tim ISBN/KDT PERPUSTAKAAN NASIONAL RI. Jl.Salemba Raya No. 28 A, Kotak Pos 3624 Jakarta 10002, sebagai tindak lanjut dari pertemuan ilmiahISBN.



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