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International Symposium on Education

“Achieving Equitable Quality Education Through Technological and Pedagogical Progress”

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Event date: 3 Sep 2019

Time: 08:30-15:30


Graha Utama, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan,
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta

General TOR:

The symposium aims to learn the useful trends that has led to improvement in education across the world

  • The aim is to give feedback to the stakeholders in the industry (Government, Publishers, Educational Institutions,etc) on how they can evaluate their current practices and adopt some of the new industries
  • A good education system is one that improves the quality of human resources in a progressive and equitable way.
  • To identify the challenges and improvements needed going forward to keep our education system relevant in terms of pedagogy and technology in this everchanging world


1. TOR : Students need better education to respond to the need and challenges of the modern age.

Topic: How to prepare our students so they will become quality talents proficient in tech literacy.


2. TOR : Therefore, curriculum need to be updated from time to time to stay relevant. Rapidly changing times means the need for more frequent curriculum update.

Topic: When and how often should curriculum be updated? What are the factors considered in deciding the timing and the scope.



3. TOR : Textbooks / Learning Materials is an important instrument to guide students to achieve their curriculum goals.

Topic: Discussing various textbooks policies all over the world as the pillar of curriculum.


4. TOR : Technological progress which has revolutionized many other sectors (finance, healthcare , transportation, etc) but has had very limited impact on education. Will this lead to the school and curriculum leaving children unprepared as they enter the work force? How can technology which has been so impactful in other industries be implemented in education.

Topic: How can technology make textbooks and other education materials be more engaging and useful for students. Hybrid and adaptive learning.



5. TOR : How does assessment evolve in the face of changing landscape ? How do we make sure the system evaluate the relevant and right qualities

Is education more influenced by test/exams rather than curriculums/books ? Is there a need for independent assessment board in Indonesia like with many other countries.

Topic: How to properly assess the progress of students? What type of new assessments are being introduced to cope with the changing times?



6. TOR: Copyright protects and rewards the effort and creativity of the authors/publishers. How do we tackle the issue of piracy in digital age ? With other industries, piracy is challenged by giving much easier access to legal content (Netflix , etc). Should stakeholders in education do more to provide easier access of materials. Subscription services ?

Topic: Discussions about copyright of school and textbook.


Workshop on Book Licensing

This workshop will be held in Semarang.