JAKARTA – The Indonesian Publisher Association (Ikapi) is launching the “Indonesia Partnership Program” to stimulate the sale of copyright of Indonesian books abroad. With the support of the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), Indonesian and foreign publishers will be brought together at the Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) in September 2019.
As a sign of the start of the “Indonesia Partnership Program”, Ikapi held a Kick Off and Sharing Session on July 18, 2019 in Jakarta. The event presented bookkeeping industry players who had been active in copyright transactions as speakers. Ikapi Chairperson Rosidayati Rozalina, Chair of the 2019 IIBF Committee Djadja Subagdja, and Chair of IPP Amalia B Safitri hosted the event. Participants came from among the publishers and other bookkeepers.
“With this IPP activity, it is hoped that more and more books from Indonesia will be purchased by other countries,” Amalia said. This activity also aims to make Indonesia the center of copyright exchange in the Asia Pacific region.
Bekraf’s Deputy Marketing, Joshua Puji Mulia Simandjuntak, said that the IPP was held to encourage the publishing sector in Indonesia to move up to the next level. “The more works of Indonesian writers are known abroad, that’s the main thing,” he said. The government will continue to support this effort by sponsoring publishers who are willing to buy Indonesian works.
According to Amalia, IPP can be a way for Indonesian literacy to be better known internationally and Indonesian publishers can make the most of this event because there is no need to go abroad. “Only by following the IPP, publishers in Indonesia can conduct copyright transactions with foreign publishers,” he said.
With a “kick off” on July 18, IPP became the first international program in the series of the 39th Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) this year. The program will take place 3-6 September 2019 and is a follow-up to Indonesia’s success at the London Book Fair (LBF) last March. In LBF 2019, there were 23 sales of copyrighted transactions in Indonesian book translations. The next impact, until July 2019, has sold 114 copyright titles translated into foreign countries.
This year, the “Indonesia Partnership Program” targets 45 foreign participants divided into 5 regions namely Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North America and Europe. Participants who can take part in this program are professional publishers, editors, agents and copyright managers who are experienced and interested in collaborating with Indonesian publishers.
“The hallmark of international book fairs is the rise of copyright transactions at the exhibition,” Djadja Subagdja said. According to him, so far there have not been many copyright transactions that have occurred, so there needs to be stimulation. “We hope that this IPP will be a stimulant for increasing the number and value of copyright transactions, so that the IIBF will truly become an international book exhibition,” he said.
In addition, the participants also received a special program called “Executive Social and Cultural Program”. The agenda in the program varies from business matchmaking, seminars on publishing, workshops, and visits to publishers, bookstores and museums.
“Indonesia Partnership Program” participants can also participate in other programs, including the International Symposium on Education “Hybrid and Adaptive Learning Toward Industrial Revolution”. The symposium will feature José Borghino (Secretary General of IPA – International Publisher Association) and Wilmar Diepgrond (Heads of Germany’s Association of Educational Publishers) and moderated by Hary Candra, founder and CEO of Pesona Edu. In addition, a Publishing Insight seminar will be held with the theme “Success Stories and Steep Paths in Rights Selling” which will present several international speakers who will be moderated by Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of Frankfurt Book Fair.
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