JAKARTA – The Indonesian Publisher Association (IKAPI) together with the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) has successfully held a Kick Off “Indonesia Partnership Program” (IPP). IPP is one of a series of programs from the Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) 2019 which is expected to increase book sales and copyright from Indonesia abroad.
The Kick Off event began with the Sharing Session session by Shera Diva Sihbudi from Mizan Group, Wedha Stratesti from Gramedia Group, and Andik Prayogo from re: On Comics. In this session the three of them shared their stories when successfully selling rights and also their tips so that foreign publishers would be interested in buying works from Indonesia.
The activity was followed by the signing of the “Indonesia Partnership Program” Kick Off by BEKRAF Director of Foreign Marketing Boni Pudjianto and IKAPI Chairperson Rosidayati Rozalina. “The government will continue to support so that this activity can become one of the drivers of the publishing sector in Indonesia to move up to the next level,” Boni said, Thursday (7/18). He also hopes that there will be more and more works by Indonesian writers known abroad.
The next session was a joint session with LitRi by Anton Kurnia and also the IPP committee on program technicalities and tips on selling rights in business matchmaking. IPP Chair Amalia Safitri said the activity was an effort to make Indonesia the center of copyright exchange in the Asia Pacific region and more books from Indonesia were being bought by other countries.
IPP became the first international program in the series of the 39th International Book Fair (IIBF) this year. The program which will take place on 3-6 September 2019 has 3 program packages namely Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each IPP participant will participate in a series of activities including opening at IIBF, having dinner with the Governor of DKI Jakarta, seminars and workshops, getting a place at the “Indonesia Rights Fair” and executive program.
Along with the increased sales of Indonesian book copyrights rights to international publishers, IPP targets 45 countries from Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North America, and Europe to participate in this program so that Indonesia’s success in the London Book Fair (LBF) ) last March could be repeated.